Aleksandr Reznik and “Lev Trotsky” in the University of Lyon 3

We are delighted to welcome a postdoctoral researcher Aleksandr Reznik in the University of Lyon 3 with a talk:

The Political Cult of Lev Trotsky during the Russian Civil War

14 April 2017
Maison International des Langues et des Cultures
35 rue Raulin – Lyon 7e
Room 410

In 1914-1922 the cult of the leader became a prominent component of the Russia political culture. The cult of Lev Trotsky emerged as a reflection of this tendency during the Russian Civil War. Although he was neither a military dictator, nor did he possessed personal power comparable to that of Mannerheim, Pilsudski or Mussolini, he was — in terms of public view of new regime’s hierarchy — the second only to Lenin. The cult of Trotsky is not comparable to the cults of totalitarian leaders, but it should be seen in the context of modern personality cults of wars and revolutions.


Aleksandr Reznik
Ph.D. in Russian History
postdoctoral researcher at the University of Basel

Graduated from the History Department of the European University at Saint Petersburg in 2012. In 2012-2016 worked as a research fellow and a lecturer in the Center for Comparative History and Political Studies at the Perm State University

The editor of L.D. Trotsky, pro et contra, anthology. Saint Petersburg, 2016 (in Russian) and the author of Trotsky and the Comrades: the Left Opposition and the Political Culture of the RCP(b), 1923-1924. Saint-Petersburg, 2017 (in Russian)

Research interests: early Soviet political culture, modern personality cults, politics of memory


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